Local Authors

"Along The Ridges"

"Draw Up A Chair"
"Remembering Henderson County: A Legacy of Lore"
"From "Rock Hill" to "Connemara": The Story Before Carl Sandburg"
"Saint John in the Wilderness, 1836-: The Oldest Episcopal Church In Western North Carolina
"Educating Our Hometown: The Story of Blue Ridge Community College"
(co-authored by David Holcombe)
"Generations of Excellence"
"Go Home Wi' Me"
by Louise Howe Bailey

"Don't Make Me Turn This Bus Around"
True tales of a teen age bus driver
by Dare Freeman Ford

"Hendersonville & Flat Rock: An Intimate Tour"
"Dining & Whining: Commiseration and Celebration for Gastro-Snobs"
"Taste For Travel"
" Los Duendes: A Nostalgic Journey Through Spain"
"Mission Memoirs"

by Terry Ruscin

"Miss Julia Paints The Town"
"Miss Julia Strikes Back"
"Miss Julia Takes Over"
"Miss Julia Throws A Wedding"
"Miss Julia Hits The Road"
"Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind"
"Miss Julia Delivers The Goods"
"Miss Julia Meets Her Match"
"Miss Julia Stands Her Ground"
"Miss Julia's School of Beauty"
by Ann B. Ross

*All the smiling faces and friendly people are real Hendersonville citizens!
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