Friendliest City in America Proclamation


WHEREAS, Hendersonville has a long history of friendly citizens, past and present; and

WHEREAS, connecting with others and working together with kindness, civility and friendliness can bridge the differences that separate   people and help solve social problems; and

WHEREAS, we, the Hendersonville citizenry, have a tradition of southern hospitality, graciousness and friendliness; and

WHEREAS, Hendersonville can serve to be an example of what cities and townships can aspire to through individuals simply be friendly and doing good, by giving where there is a need, rebuilding what has been torn down, teaching where there is a desire to learn and inspiring those who have lost hope; and

WHEREAS, our city and its citizens, businesses and public service workers continue their efforts at being friendly and encouraging, have joined to promote a national campaign of friendliness that celebrates and strengthens the spirit of Hendersonville and all those that visit here; and

WHEREAS, friendliness is an investment in our city that we all must share;

NOW, THEREFORE, I , Mayor Greg Newman, do hereby proclaim Hendersonville, North Carolina as the
Friendliest City in America

and urge my fellow citizens to be as friendly as possible to all visitors, neighbors, friends, fellow employees and relatives and with religious, school and civic groups.

Signed this 4th day of September, 2008

Gregory Newman, Mayor, City of Hendersonville

Tammie K. Drake, City Clerk

Dear Friends,

North Carolina has much to offer those who visit and call this great state their home. Hendersonville is one of those very special places where everyone is always made to feel welcome.

I have enjoyed my many trips to Hendersonville and have always found it to be such a friendly place. The people and the sights all combine to make Hendersonville a very attractive destination.

I commend all who play a part in spreading the word about all that is happening in this great part of North Carolina.


Richard Burr, Senator, R-NC

I was thrilled to open my Western office in Hendersonville shortly after my election to the U.S. Senate, and have enjoyed visiting as much as possible!   Hendersonville continues to be a shining example of the kind of warm and caring communities that we North Carolinians are so proud of.   I commend Barbara Hughes on her pride as a Hendersonville citizen as well as her efforts to publicly recognize the welcoming spirit of this great city.  
016_small-Senator Elizabeth Dole, R-NC

"The people of Hendersonville make it such a truly special place. They have maintained a respect and appreciation for the history, heritage, and culture of the area, while also looking boldly into the future. It is my honor to represent so many wonderful people in the U.S. House of Representatives."

   Rep. Heath Shuler

*All the smiling faces and friendly people are real Hendersonville citizens!
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