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Even in the "friendliest city in America" there are standouts...superstars!

Below are just a few examples of what makes them special:

Mountain 1st
"We remind ourselves everyday:return calls, keep promises, make customers happy, drive them insane withe use of their name, take a while to make them smile, ask for their business."

Inn On Church Street
"We treat our guests the way we'd like to be treated-with kindness and courtesy and friendly helpful service."-Stephanie and Joe

Goldcrafters of London
"We always make people feel welcome, so they always want to come back."-John Payne

Mike's On Main
"Our aim is to make as many people happy as possible every day."-Patty Adamic, Owner

Henderson County Travel & Tourism

Narnia Studios
"Although fresh flowers and garden delights are our specialty, friendly service is the firm foundation our business is built on. Narnia Studios is a wonderful, fun place! We have fun working here and our guests have a great time shopping here. It's contagiously friendly!"
-Barbara Hughes, owner

Three Chopt
"We greet everyone at the door and treat them like family."
-Matthew Rogers, owner


Robert Fisher Goldsmith
"Our genuine concern for our client's needs translates in to a friendly, personable relationship."
-Bob Fisher, owner

The Mad Signtist

Miller's Cleaners
"No matter who comes through the door, rich or poor, they are bringing us their best. We treat them all the same and give them our best."-Jeff Miller, owner

Never Blue
"We make a conscious effort to make everyone as happy as possible while encouraging our guests to try new foods."

Old Town Market

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Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead. -Charles Schwab
*All the smiling faces and friendly people are real Hendersonville citizens!
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